Epigenetics 1: RNA methylation

What do you know about RNA methylation?

We all have heard of DNA methylation, different types of methyl marks such as 5mC and 5hmC and their significance in numerous biological processes.

So are you interested in knowing about RNA methylation and it’s significance?

“Role of RNA Methylation and Non-Coding RNAs in Pathobiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Liyanage 2016, Biomedical Sciences

This article was written by me in 2016. Here I describe how RNA gets methylated and whether RNA methylation and noncoding RNAs such as microRNAs play any roles in Autism Spectrum Disorders. The PDF for the article can be downloaded using the link below

Liyanage 2016

Figure 1. RNA methylation

Wait for more interesting articles on Epigenetics….

Other reading materials:

Learn more about the latest updates on RNA methylation from these articles.

  1. Pan et al 2018
  2. Engel et al 2018
  3. Darnell et al 2018

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