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Written in collaboration with the Dr-Hempel-Network (https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/)

1. Preventive medicine in the omics era | The new frontier. July 3rd, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/preventive-medicine-omics/

2. Convergence of preventive health care themes | Part 1 of 4. July 3rd, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/convergence-preventive-health-care-themes/

3. Convergence of digital health technologies | Part 2 of 4. July 3rd, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/convergence-of-digital-health-technologies/

4. Convergence of healthIT, public policy, and medicine | Part 3 of 4. July 3rd, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/convergence-of-healthit-public-policy-and-medicine/

5. Preventive health care is the solution and vision for future | Part 4 of 4. July 3rd, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/preventive-health-care-future/

6. 4 Digital health technologies and their application in preventive healthcare. July 3rd, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/4-digital-health-technologies-and-their-application-in-preventive-healthcare/

7. 13 Themes of preventive medicine | A deeper look | Preventive health care. July 3rd, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/themes-preventive-medicine-deeper-look/

8. 5 Reasons why digital prevention needs a dialogue between doctors and IT professionals. July 28th, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/digital-prevention-needs-a-dialogue-between-doctors-and-it-professionals/

9. Why health policy needs an update to deal with digital prevention technologies? August 1st, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/health-policy-needs-an-update-to-deal-with-digital-prevention-technologies/

10. Wearables & Big Health Data | Making a real difference or just a hype bubble? October 2nd,2017,  https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/wearables-big-health-data-hype-bubble/

11. 4 dangers of health-related information falling into the wrong hands. September 18th, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital-health-technolgy/4-dangers-of-health-related-information-falling-into-the-wrong-hands/

12. Rich-Poor digital divide in healthcare and 4 ways to bridge it | Digital equality. October 12th, 2017, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/health-policies-in-india/rich-poor-digital-divide-in-healthcare/

13. ‘Smartphones’ to ‘Smart hospitals’: Extending roots of digital preventive healthcare network. January 22nd, 2018, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/smart-hospitals-digital-preventive-healthcare/

14. Will medical Internet of Things (IoT) trigger a healthcare transformation? | IoT in digital preventive healthcare. January 10th, 2018, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/iot-in-digital-preventive-healthcare/

15. 5 ways in which digital health technology enhances patient engagement. January 4th, 2018, https://www.dr-hempel-network.com/digital_preventive_healthcare/digital-health-technology-enhances-patient-engagement/



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